Jotunheimen gear lists

Here comes mine and Jon’s gear lists. This is what we have packed for our 5 day trip in Jotunheimen. Below every picture you’ll find a link to our gear lists (Excel files). If you have any improvements or comments please drop them below. I don’t think we have time to make large adjustments but it’s always nice to get feedback.

As you’ll find in the spreadsheets we’ve shared some gear between each other like the sleeping- and cooking system. My list will be complete with all the stuff I use if I were to go on a solo trip.

The real interesting thing is that last year on our longest trip, 4 days, we carried packs that weighed in at 22-24kg each including water… As you can see below, things have changed my friends!

My list – 8.9kg


Click for larger picture! (rain jacket is missing in the picture)

  • Granite Gear Crown V.C 60
  • HMG Ultamid 2 cuben fiber tent
  • Patagonia jackets and sweaters
  • Arc’Teryx Palisade pants
  • Inov-8 TrailRoc 245 shoes

Link to spreadsheet.

Jon’s list – 7.4kg


Click for larger picture!

  • Gossamer Gear Kumo
  • 2x Zpacks Pertex Quantum Bivy
  • Trail Designs Sidewinder + Inferno Cone, Ti Tri, w. Evernew 0.9l pot
  • Houdini Motion Light pants
  • Salomon Fellraiser shoes

Link to spreadsheet.

Bonus picture

Bonus picture

A thought on gear

When I was out running with all my brand new clothes and stuff that I bought I couldn’t stop thinking about what everything that I was wearing cost… I mean, I might have bought the so called premium stuff but still, is there a sport or hobby that you can do that’s  cheep?!


Running is fairly simple, anyone can do it, just go and put on your shoes and get out and run. Simple, is it? The first times just to get a feel for it maybe but it will be way more fun and much better for your body if you have proper foot ware.  Add tight fitting clothes will reduce wind resistance and you won’t get to warm or cold will make you happier along the way. I listened to a seasoned runner on the radio a few months back and she said that if you’re thinking about to start running (I think she was into trail running) you might go out the first time with whatever you have but as soon as you come back, go to the store and buy proper shoes! Your body will thank you forever!

All the stuff in my latest post cost just shy of 5 000 SEK, that’s about 800 USD. Other than that I have my running shoes and my Suunto Ambit HR and that’s another 4 000 SEK (about 600 USD) making the total cost 9 000 SEK or 1 400 USD which might be alot for just running…

I was thinking of other sports along my run and I couldn’t come up with even one that’s cheap. If the equipment is fairly cheap it’s often combined with a costly fee of some sort or that you have to sell something to bring money to the club on a yearly basis.

Then I know a few guys at work that once said to me when I was about to buy some new hiking gear, I think it was my Fjällräven tent, and they said:

– Why don’t you just go to the nearest sports store and buy a standard “camping tent” and be happy? It’ll cost you less then a third of what you’re paying for that other tent!

Well… I could have done that… And they’d probably or most certainly would have and combined that with a cheep ass backpack and a pair of sneakers. Then a few hours out on the trail (if they’re not the Hulk) they would come down crying and complaining about how uncomfortable everything is and that they just want to go home – and they would have missed everything that was special about that moment in the outdoors… Because in the end, what ever you do, it’s all about that moment when you’re out doing your thing and with proper equipment everything will be easier, more comfortable and you’ll enjoy it more and just want to go back out there and do it again…

Todays run

I took off on a run today on my lunch break, a round that I’ve never done before, rocking my Suunto Ambit HR watch. That’s actually a great piece of gear for any outdoor/indoor sport or activity. I’d recommend anyone that’s looking for a great watch to buy one or if you’re in the market for a watch with a heart rate monitor and GPS.

When you’re done running, or whatever you like, you just connect your Suunto watch to your computer via the USB-cable that comes in the package.  The watch will then connect to Suuntos online training calendar and uploads your training data. Once the upload is completed it fires your web browser and shows you your latest workout at Moves Count dot com.

Here are two screen shots from my latest session, sorry it’s in Swedish.

In the first picture you can see what kind of training you did and the time and pace and some other info. Then you can click to show more info like the temperature etc. Underneath that you have a map of your route. The good thing with the map is that you can hover your mouse over the track and it’ll give you info about the distance, time and pulse you had at that specific place. And if you look at the second picture you’ll see a graph that you can add data to. Per default it only shows your pulse but you can add a lot of things, pace, breathing etc. and all this that you add to the graph also displays on the map! That’s a great feature!

In the last part of this workout screen you’ll see info about your laps. You can either add your laps manually by pressing a button on the watch and it’ll automatically create a lap if you pause your training. It’ll also create a lap every kilometer so you don’t have to do that yourself.

One thing that I don’t know if your able to do (I might not be smart enough) is to compare two tracks to each other. You can select multiple training sessions but you can’t really compare average pulse, time, map overlay etc. All this would be great so that you actually know if you’re improving and which part of e.g. your run that you were slower this time than the last. This would be a great improvement to the site!


I had a rough day – pulse was all off 🙂

movescount1movescount2Oh, one more thing… My colleague at work got his moped stolen last week and while I was out on my run I actually found it. Smashed up. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my phone (duh!) so I couldn’t call him or the cops. When I got back to work I called him and he went there but then it was gone. I hope he’ll get it back…

More photos from my latest trip

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

Good morning. Great view!

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

Me waiting for the water to boil. My watch, Suunto Ambit HR, says 08:04.

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

Jon is having some morning brew.

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

Perfect breakfast. Two year old freeze dried, Real Field Meal, porridge. It still tasted great 🙂

Suunto Ambit HR

The Suunto Ambit HR will soon arrive in my mailbox!

All this because my Casio G-Shock doesn’t have a HR-strap and that I broke the light button… The plastic went into two pieces and is sometimes hard to operate. There are also a few things I don’t like with the G-Shock that I hope that’ll be resolved with the Ambit. I might just have to do a short review of the G-Shock…

Review from ITS Tactical

Photo, DC Rainmaker

Here’s also an great in-depth review from DC Rainmaker on the Ambit HR. If you’re interested in the Ambit2 and Ambit 2S he was also made similar reviews of them too.