Gear lists


Current gear list, TGO Challenge 2018

This is a overview of what I carry with me on my different trips. The lists are quite similar but they are ever evolving at the same time.

In the year of 2014 I thought it was time for me to go ultralight instead of the traditional backpacking stuff that’s way more heavy. I already had a bunch of clothes that were ultralight-friendly but all the main components, “The Big Three” (shelter, sleeping bag, backpack), needed to be changed to lighter items. Right now I think I’m almost down to one third of what I had before.


Before going to Vålådalen, Sweden, 2016. Unsupported for 7 days.

Hornstrandir, Iceland 2017
Vålådalen, Sweden, 2016
Laugavegur, Iceland, 2015
Jotunheimen, Norway 2014







This is what it used to be…
…3 day trip…

If you found any of this useful please consider buying me a beer. They’re always nice coming off the trail.

16 thoughts on “Gear lists

    • Hi there!

      As you might have read I previously owned a SATL too and a long story short I bought the Wolf Alpha to get a more versatile pack. I wanted the modularity with the NICE Frame and the possibility to add the Wolf Pup. The larger and upgraded lid is also a great bonus! It does get a little heavier that the standard SATL but for me that isn’t an issue as you get more mounting options for different packs and accessories via the NICE Frame.

      My plan is to do like a short review or more like a -why did I pick the Wolf Alpha over the SATL- as I’ve gotten that question a few times from friends and guys that I’ve met that know about the two.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m curious because I want to purchase an MR pack, and I’m trying to get feedback from someone who uses those models. Ideally the set up on their Adventure line G5000, for volume and the external access sleeping bag compartment would be great, but I want the Military features and colour scheme. Both packs that you’ve owned are the rough volume I’m looking for, just no sleeping bag compartment (I know you can add the Wolf Pup, but it seems like it off-sets the pack and makes it basically a 6500). Pack weight aside, what frame system do you like more (Guide Frame or NICE), and what weight are you carrying? (If this is too much on your blog, please feel free to email me.) I really appreciate you getting back to me.

      • I must say that I prefer the NICE Frame over the standard one.

        They are both equal in comfort but you get more options with the NICE Frame and that’s what I like about it. You can buy a different pack which will keep the cost down compared to buying packs with integrated frames. You can use it as a load hauler just like with an old Alice frame and I guess those two possibilities are what got me to buy the NICE Frame and sell my SATL.

        Last trip I did my pack was like 22kg at the start with food (for two), two person tent and everything.
        I think I’ve had like 25kg in it once while I was out for a weekend in the snow.

        Normally I like to have around 16kg in it for a two day trip in the summer/spring.

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  3. Hej André , just saw the Iceland trip and that you´re going light and now i see you own (or owned a MR). First of all – nice movie, great shots and good choice of music! Second I would like to ask whether you bought the HMG directly or via european dsitributors? I live in Sweden as well, so i would like to kow about moms etc pp, as i once bought my MR G6500 directly and “boomoms” 😉

    • Hi there! Yes I bought it directly from HMG. Customs fees and VAT added like always. Swedish custom controllers have really stepped up their game and not much is coming through for “free” nowadays. China is still different regarding that.

      The only real way to skip the extra fees are to buy within EU or have a friend I the US to ship it to and have him/her to send it as a gift to you.

      HMG makes great items so good luck with your purchase. Just out of curiosity, what are you getting? 🙂

      • Nothing yet, just was thinking about the possibility of a “bundle”. I have already a Porter 3400 , but for winter it needs to be larger. So i am thinking of the purchase of a bundle, which is backpack, mid and some extras, saving 200 dollar, BUT if customs comes in…
        Did you sold your MR, if so how and where? I am still thinking back and forth about it. …

  4. Shocking! You’re gear list is almost identical to mine–either in terms of what I have or what’s on my ‘about-to-buy’ shopping list. #spooky

  5. Andre, I have plans to buy the ultaMid. Do you recommend just the net or net and floor? If money wasn’t an issue I would just get the net and floor but its an expensive investment that I need solid information to determine if it will have a significant positive impact to my wilderness camping. I plan to camp in any or all terrain and conditions.

    • Hi Chris!
      Good plans indeed. I’d recommend the complete net with floor because then you’re protected from the elements (not only bugs and similar), running water, rain splash etc. But if you’re on a budget you could always get some light Tyvek to put under the net to give you some kind of floor. The Tyvek can also be used if you’re not using the tent with a inner so it’s a good thing to have anyways.

      I don’t know how durable the net would be if you sit on it and there are branches and rocks, tree roots sticking out of ground. It’s not that sturdy as it’s ment to be as lightweight as possible.

      If you have any more questions just ask and I’ll answer what I can.

  6. Hi André. (This is the third time I have tried to leave a message and lost it, my fault for not logging in. So, if you get similar posts – they are from me!)

    I noticed on your wonderful vlog from TGO 2018 (we walked a similar route) that you appear to be wearing Altra Lone Peak trail running shoes. May I ask what you think of them and how they worked for the tricky Scottish terrain? I have bought a pair of Altra 4s – partly on the advice of my Physio – as I have very broad feet. I suffered quite a bit in 2018 with mid-boots that, even half a size bigger, were too small. Rooky mistake! I would be interested in your thoughts.

    • Hi there – no worries, we only got one message 🙂

      Thank you for the nice words. Indeed I did, the 3.5’s. I found them to be very sturdy and comfortable but coming from Inov8’s they got way more cushioning so at times they can be a little like running shoes, you know that sideways movement going on as they’re softer. It’s not really a problem but something that you can feel depending on what you’re coming from. I’ve also got them due to wider feet and other shoes have pinched my feet at times. I had to get the Altras quite big compared to other shoes that I’ve used before.

      Fun fact, after getting back from TGOC I had to ditch my normal office shoes because I got major pain in my feet and calves wearing “normal shoes” so I ended up getting a pair of Xero Shoes Coaltons. Problem solved. Now I only wear them fancy dress shoes when I have to.

      Safe trails

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