Jotunheimen gear lists

Here comes mine and Jon’s gear lists. This is what we have packed for our 5 day trip in Jotunheimen. Below every picture you’ll find a link to our gear lists (Excel files). If you have any improvements or comments please drop them below. I don’t think we have time to make large adjustments but it’s always nice to get feedback.

As you’ll find in the spreadsheets we’ve shared some gear between each other like the sleeping- and cooking system. My list will be complete with all the stuff I use if I were to go on a solo trip.

The real interesting thing is that last year on our longest trip, 4 days, we carried packs that weighed in at 22-24kg each including water… As you can see below, things have changed my friends!

My list – 8.9kg


Click for larger picture! (rain jacket is missing in the picture)

  • Granite Gear Crown V.C 60
  • HMG Ultamid 2 cuben fiber tent
  • Patagonia jackets and sweaters
  • Arc’Teryx Palisade pants
  • Inov-8 TrailRoc 245 shoes

Link to spreadsheet.

Jon’s list – 7.4kg


Click for larger picture!

  • Gossamer Gear Kumo
  • 2x Zpacks Pertex Quantum Bivy
  • Trail Designs Sidewinder + Inferno Cone, Ti Tri, w. Evernew 0.9l pot
  • Houdini Motion Light pants
  • Salomon Fellraiser shoes

Link to spreadsheet.

Bonus picture

Bonus picture

Vimeo Weekend Challenge – Where Boats Sleep

This is my contribution to Vimeo Weekend Challenge: Extreme Shots.

For this Challenge, let’s take a look at the ends of the shot spectrum: Extreme Wide Shots (EWS) and Extreme Close Ups (ECU). As we’ve mentioned before, shot variety makes for a more interesting story. In most cases, if your entire video consists of one single shot, your audience won’t stay engaged.

The video I posted before, Return of the Sun, is the last times winner of the Extreme Shots challenge.

My video is shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105 lens and a cheap, broken, Velbon tripod that I’ve had since I bought my first DSLR a Canon 350D when it was released about 8 years ago. So for about 70 bucks the Velbon tripod has served me well.

Canon 5D MKII video setup

This is my current video setup.

Canon 5D Mark II with a Röde Videomic Pro. Canon 24-105mm lens with a hood and my latest thing for this rig that helps out a lot is the LCD-V1 viewfinder that arrived a few days ago. For the days when the sun is nice and bright I have a Phottix variable ND-filter.


I hope to capture and upload some nice videos soon. First up is a small tour of our new house that I’ll send to my grandparents that don’t have the opportunity to visit in a near future as we live in different countries. I don’t think I’ll post that here anyways but that’s still the first thing I have planed. Hopefully I’ll be done with that one this weekend.

Some photos from this morning

Was out and shot some pictures this morning at 06.30 until 07.00 and got a few that I was happy with.

They’re all shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and a EF 24-105mm f4/L IS lens.


The gras was very wet and I was soaked up to my knees when I got back home.


This was the first picture that I took.


My favorite picture – serving as my desktop wallpaper right now 🙂


More photos from my latest trip

Here’s the last batch of photos…

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

Stretching it out?

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

Need… coffee… now….!

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

Zebra horse?

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

We’ve found water! Fjällräven Vidda Pro pants.

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

Out and about with my Mystery Ranch pack and TAD Gear pants.

Vandring Franciscusleden med start i Borghamn, Omberg.

Took this one right after we’ve filled up our Nalgenes with water.