Quick update

For those who’re waiting for the promised Iceland trail report – It’s on its way!

In the meantime, have a look at these “nice” pictures of what Iceland does to your beloved shoes…


Inov-8 Trailroc 245 – “Fifty shades of brown”


Salomon Fellraiser



Jotunheimen gear lists

Here comes mine and Jon’s gear lists. This is what we have packed for our 5 day trip in Jotunheimen. Below every picture you’ll find a link to our gear lists (Excel files). If you have any improvements or comments please drop them below. I don’t think we have time to make large adjustments but it’s always nice to get feedback.

As you’ll find in the spreadsheets we’ve shared some gear between each other like the sleeping- and cooking system. My list will be complete with all the stuff I use if I were to go on a solo trip.

The real interesting thing is that last year on our longest trip, 4 days, we carried packs that weighed in at 22-24kg each including water… As you can see below, things have changed my friends!

My list – 8.9kg


Click for larger picture! (rain jacket is missing in the picture)

  • Granite Gear Crown V.C 60
  • HMG Ultamid 2 cuben fiber tent
  • Patagonia jackets and sweaters
  • Arc’Teryx Palisade pants
  • Inov-8 TrailRoc 245 shoes

Link to spreadsheet.

Jon’s list – 7.4kg


Click for larger picture!

  • Gossamer Gear Kumo
  • 2x Zpacks Pertex Quantum Bivy
  • Trail Designs Sidewinder + Inferno Cone, Ti Tri, w. Evernew 0.9l pot
  • Houdini Motion Light pants
  • Salomon Fellraiser shoes

Link to spreadsheet.

Bonus picture

Bonus picture

New shoes and sleeping pad

Some new stuff that has dropped in lately.

The sleeping pad, a Therm-A-Rest NeoAir X-Lite looks very promising and will replace my Z-Lite and also complement it during the winter to add more comfort.



Trailroc 245

I also got a pair of new Inov-8 shoes. It’s not that I don’t like my Roclite 295’s but they’re run a little small (pun intended 😉 ). So for running around for an hour or so they’re fine but when I walk for several hours my feet get swollen and I guess that I’ll get hurt eventually. Won’t risk it on a 3+ day trip. To be on the safe side I got these Trailroc 245’s instead. I must say that I love the box that they came in! 🙂

These I got two a week or so ago. Will serve as extra grip for the Ultamid in stormy weather.

MSR Mini Groundhog stakes

MSR Mini Groundhog stakes


Nice touch with MSR logo on the stakes. They’re a little heavier than the others I’ve got. 9g per piece.

New shoes – Inov-8

Bought some new shoes on sale from Inov-8.


From left to right: F-Lite 195, Roclite 295.


After wearing these really light shoes everything else is heavy. I’m currently selling my Haglöfs Vertigo shoes because it feels like I’m up in the air flying in them as the outer sole is so high. And it just feels so weird after using bare feet shoes like the ones from Inov-8 for just a short while.


Inov-8 F-Lite 195


Inov-8 Roclite 295 – latest version

The Roclite 295 are just the newer model of the ones I previously bought that were a little too small so I swapped them for a larger size an the newer model. F-Lite 195 I’ll use an the gym and maybe even as my everyday shoe.

New shoes

Bought a pair of Inov-8 Roclite 295 today after reading several reviews online and from recommendations of some friends. Basically everyone said that they’re excellent so I truly hope that they are. I got them for a real bargain too!


Besides the shoes I bought a pair of Sealskinz Thin Mid Length sock to run in camp when the shoes are wet and cold. I also got a pair of Smartwool PHD Nordic Ultralight Crew Sock – those socks might just be the most comfortable socks I’ve ever tried on, wow!



Latest Acquisitions

Was out on a hunt for a pair of new shoes, found a pair of Haglöfs Vertigo that were on sale, 50% off.

And I who had almost promised myself to never get a pair of Haglöfs again because they wore out so fast… But Haglöfs shoes/boots with their inner soles that adapt to your feet very easily is so nice to wear.

I’m gonna use this on my short trip that I’m hopefully gonna do this Sunday if the weather-gods are with me… More about that later!

I also bought a pair of wool socks, a little thicker than I normally wear. 8L dry sack that I’ve needed for some time now but haven’t been arsed to buy… And finally a set of accessory straps with alloy buckles, rated to hold up to 200kb (440lb) that I’m gonna use with my Mystery Ranch Day Pack Lid that I wrote about the other day.

Also my cat loves the box the shoes came in 🙂