5 years of blogging


Happy anniversary too meeeee!!

Five years of blogging here at WordPress, well time literally flies.

It’s quite funny to look back sometimes on past adventures and stuff – this is kind of like my modern day diary so to speak.

Not that secret though 🙂

See you around!


Canon 5D MKII video setup

This is my current video setup.

Canon 5D Mark II with a Röde Videomic Pro. Canon 24-105mm lens with a hood and my latest thing for this rig that helps out a lot is the LCD-V1 viewfinder that arrived a few days ago. For the days when the sun is nice and bright I have a Phottix variable ND-filter.


I hope to capture and upload some nice videos soon. First up is a small tour of our new house that I’ll send to my grandparents that don’t have the opportunity to visit in a near future as we live in different countries. I don’t think I’ll post that here anyways but that’s still the first thing I have planed. Hopefully I’ll be done with that one this weekend.

Video Friday

TSIF! I’ll decided to start a new tradition here and that’s to post a video every Friday from my likes on Vimeo. So here’s the second one in this brand new series! 🙂

In general the videos will be like 1-5 minutes long and should always be watched in full screen and HD.

The content in the videos will be quite different from one another. Everything from movie-like videos to commercials and documentaries like the one below. The one thing that they have in common is that I like them enough to post them here… And if you guys are anything like me, trying to start with videography or already in to it, you’ll probably like them too. And if not, you’ll probably just have a good feeling, a new perspective how you look upon different things and events. So enjoy!