Latest Acquisitions

Was out on a hunt for a pair of new shoes, found a pair of Haglöfs Vertigo that were on sale, 50% off.

And I who had almost promised myself to never get a pair of Haglöfs again because they wore out so fast… But Haglöfs shoes/boots with their inner soles that adapt to your feet very easily is so nice to wear.

I’m gonna use this on my short trip that I’m hopefully gonna do this Sunday if the weather-gods are with me… More about that later!

I also bought a pair of wool socks, a little thicker than I normally wear. 8L dry sack that I’ve needed for some time now but haven’t been arsed to buy… And finally a set of accessory straps with alloy buckles, rated to hold up to 200kb (440lb) that I’m gonna use with my Mystery Ranch Day Pack Lid that I wrote about the other day.

Also my cat loves the box the shoes came in 🙂

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