Why Cuben Fiber?

It’s white, it’s crinkly, it’s waterproof and it feels like it weighs about as much as a tissue paper. But what exactly is Cuben Fiber, and why use it?

When I first delved into the world of ultralight backpacking, I combed the Internet trying to find a technologically advanced material that would change my backcountry experience. The fabrics used at the time had major limitations. For example, Silnylon, the primary lightweight fabric used, absorbed moisture and swelled and sagged, requiring constant re-tensioning. The slippery material also forced people to put liquid glues on the floors of their tents to keep their pads in place. Worst of all, silnylon is made when both sides of a thin, woven nylon fabric are saturated with liquid silicone, and there were no standards for these silicone coatings. So basically every batch was different. So when I discovered a small cottage industry outdoor company using Cuben Fiber I did some more research.

Read more at Hyperlite Mountain Gears blog.

Cuben Fiber is the best fabric for ultralight shelters and backpacks, no doubt.

Skaneleden_2015-05-23_20-25-56_IMG_1593Visdalen, Store Urdadalstinden



Solo hiking Västanåleden – A first try at SUL Hiking

The majority of my hikes are shorter weekend trips on any of the trails close to my hometown. It’s only during my summer holidays that I have time for week long journeys to places like Norway and northern Sweden. With this in mind I have started to work on a lighter kit custom tailored for the needs I have on my shorter trips in the woods around Jönköping. So after spending the spring purchasing new equipment it was now time for a first trip trying to go SUL – Super Ultra Light that is 🙂 

In this post i will do a short trip report and also try to sum up the experience of my new kit and talk through some of the new items i used.

Hiking Västanåleden

Västanåleden is a short round trip hike in the beech forest south of Gränna. The trail shares tracks with John Bauerleden that connects all the way down to Jönköping. Both of these trails are familiar to me and just last year me and André took a short overnight trip at this trail. I decided to walk the southern part of the trail as these are the ones I like most. As this would be a rather short route I would also have time for some detours along any of the other trails crossing my path.

I started out just outside the small village of Röttle and decided to take a short walk down to the harbour. On my way I passed the waterfalls and the remains of the old Jerusalem mill. Down by the harbour I took a small pause and then headed back up to the trail.

Foto 2015-05-16 14 42 59

Röttle river waterfalls and the remains of Jerusalem Mill

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New Gossamer Gear packs

I might be a bit slow on this one but Gossamer Gear has a new line-up of backpacks ready for shipping.

The two most interesting ones I found was the new Gorilla Ultralight Backpack (46 l.)and the Mariposa Ultralight Backpack (69.5 l.).


img_1639_1You’ll find all the info about the packs on their website.


New backpack and trekking poles!

Wehuuu! My new backpack is finally here!! And my trekking poles! It’s like x-mas all over again 🙂

Crown60_2014-04-29_17-45-49_P1020605As you might know I ordered a Granite Gear pack but that one ended up being on backorder. But I waited and waited, and then waited some more before finally shooting an e-mail to the company asking about where it was. They said that it was not the entire truth about the date when it was supposed to arrive so I canceled my order with them.

The pack I ordered was a Blaze A.C 60. After thinking about the size of the pack and the weight based on some other stuff I’ve changed during my waiting time, it seamed stupid to buy such a “heavy” pack when I could go with something lighter.

I still liked the designs that Granite Gear offered so I knew I wanted a pack from them and I decided on a Crown V.C 60 – and now it’s here! I also got some tent stakes in titanium from Vargo and some extra shoe laces for my Inov-8 Roclite 295’s.


Weight: .96 kg | 2lbs 2oz
Capacity: 60 liters | 3660 cubic inches
Suspension: Vapor Current (V.C.) Internal Frame
Load Capacity: 35lbs | 16kg


100D Ripstop
210D Nylon Cordura
Stretch Mesh Fabric


  • interchangeable belts
  • Lineloc compression
  • tool loops
  • hydration ports & internal hydration sleeve
  • large stretch side & front pockets
  • extended overflow crossover straps
  • padded rolling stay
  • Vapor current suspension
  • CORDURA® fabrics

I went to Jons place today after work and picked up my new trekking poles that we ordered a while back. I didn’t really know what I was getting at the time besides that they were supposed to be among the best trekking poles around. They sure look good and feels nice in my hands. Love the cork handles and the flick lock system. It’s much better than the twist/pull-thinge that are on my cheap ones.


The trekking poles we got are the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork. Not the cheapest ones around but they feel great and all the reviews that we’ve read or viewed on YouTube says nothing else. I hope we made the right decision! 🙂

I’m really looking forward to test all the new stuff out! Everything from my new pack to my new tent. Haven’t been able to pitch it until now when I received the poles and tent stakes…