Granite Gear Belt Pocket – Overview

I did a short overview of the Granite Gear Belt Pocket as I couldn’t find any decent information about it on the web. Hope that it might help someone that’s looking for the same things that I once did.

2 thoughts on “Granite Gear Belt Pocket – Overview

  1. Hi Andre,
    I enjoy your blog – I am an avid hiker and gear-hound myself constantly testing out new acquisitions in my local mountains here in British Columbia, Canada. Picked this up last year and find it very useful for frequently used items during a hike (GPS. Camera, lip-balm/sunscreen, energy food/gels, compass, map, sunglasses, knife, gloves, hat, bandana, etc…..);

    I have a size Small – thought it may be of interest to you……


  2. Thanks! 🙂

    I’ve seen those before – actually my friend linked them and a simliar item of another brand about a month or so ago when I was looking for something to hold my DSLR.

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