Quick update


10.9 kg excl. water

Some changes to the trip. Jon is unfortunately ill and can’t make the trip.

Therefore I’ve done some changes to my kit, added the cook set and inner tent. But instead of going with my Bearpawwd Pyranet that’s quite big for just one person I borrowed Jons Six Moon Designs Serenity NetTent.

Right now my pack weighs in at about 10.9kg. That’s almost 500g lighter than my packing list. So either something in there’s not weighed correctly or I’m missing something vital, haha. I guess it’s the former one as I’ve dropped a few things in my first aid- and repair kit and haven’t checked their weight afterwards, lazy, yes…

I’ve been looking for a smaller inner for my HMG Ultamid 2 and this is a sweet combo so far. Might be a good buy for me. I’ll get back to how the two performed together after the trip.

So without further ado, Hyperlite Mountain Gear meets Six Moon Designs Serenity NetTent!




3 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Sorry to hear that Jon is ill. The SMD Haven Net tent is perhaps one of the ost verity inners available. I have used mine in many different shelters. In particular I like the rear tie out and the support at the corner of the floor. Enjoy your trip.

      • Thanks!

        This will be my longest trip both in kilometers and days that I’ve done solo so it’s with a mix between excitement and fear that I set off, haha.

        The weather forecast looks good though but it changes all the time. Yesterday the week is gonna be sunny and the day before that it was filled with rain and overcast. Up until now I’ve always have had good weather on my trips for some reason, there, I’ve jinxed it 🙃

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