Map and Compass Navigation (The basics)

This never gets old and can’t be taught too often.
Something that everyone should know. We had map/compass lessons in primary school and that was a great way to learn the basic skills.


Everyone should know how to navigate with a map and compass, but surprisingly few can. Here is how you do the basics.

Parts of the Compass

1. The numbered Ring, that’s the “azimuth ring”. These numbers give you a numerical angle  of direction, or “bearing”. A 90 degree bearing means you will be heading to the east. 180 degrees means south, and so on.

2. The red metal  arrow that rotates inside the compass is the “magnetic needle”, which points towards magnetic north.

3. The red outline of an arrow below the needle  is your “orientation arrow”.

4. The arrow on the end of the compass (A black triangle pictured) is the “direction of travel arrow”. This signifies the direction you intend to travel when using the compass (very important and often overlooked major detail).

5. The bulge near the bottom is simply a magnifying glass.

6. The numbers around…

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