Jotunheimen route 2014

Jotunheimen2014This is our planned rout for this summers visit to Jotunheimen nationalpark in Norway. We’re at a five day trip, more or less. Our starting point will be at the little village of Gjendesheim where we’ll take a boat early in the morning to our drop of at Gjendebu. From there we’ll hike up to Kyrkja (click for picture – same for every link) and just a little bit further before we make camp.

On the second day we will get up early and start moving towards Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain in Norway and Northern Europe at 2469m. Galdhøpiggen will basically be a one day trip to the top and down from our starting point.

Day three we’ll be going for Glittertind which is the second highest mountain in Norway at 2465m – arguably depending on the depth of the snow it can be the highest. So for our first three days we might have the best views of the trip. The third day is planned to end at the shores of Russvatnet, maybe we’ll take a swim?

Day four, this is the day where we have an optional route up the Surtningssui via Bessegen. This is all depending on how or bodies feel and even more how much time it’s taken us to come this far. If we’re lagging behind we might just skip this route and move directly to Memurubu and the last leg.

The fifth day will hopefully be quite easy going as we’re going for one of Norways most hiked routes, Memurubu – Besseggen – Gjendesheim.

On this trip, if we complete it all with the extra routes and if we don’t use our two pre-planned shortcuts, we’ll be walking roughly 110km over a five days time. Any feedback or thoughts about our route will be appreciated or things that we shouldn’t miss on the way.

5 thoughts on “Jotunheimen route 2014

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in doing a similar route. Is it possible if you can tell me did it take you 5 days in total to complete? Or was it more. Also do you have a map on where you set up camp, did you travel from Oslo as well? Because i am planning on coming from London. Sorry i am new to Norway and trying to get everything pieced together

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Adam!

      It took us about 4,5 days to complete this. But with traveling it was more like 7 days, we came in by car (via Oslo) so I can’t really comment on how to get there with any other means of transportation. I do know that you can take a bus.

      This site has very good information in general about Jotunheimen

      Made a video about our trip that might give you some extra details.

      Just ask if there’s anything else I can do.

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