New backpacking wallet

My new wallet arrived with the mail today. I got one from Granite Gear and it’s one of their Air Pockets. It’s made out of ultralight 30 denier Cordura and weighs only 14g. I got the small versions that will be big enough for my passport, some cash and a credit card, 5″x7″. Might even hold my car keys in a pinch.

To get rid of some extra weight you could use your scissor and cut of the Granite Gear label because that one feels heavy. You could also remove the hangers, the two ears at the top, if you don’t plan to attach it to anything.



Besides the pocket/wallet itself it comes in a handy zippered pocket that you can use for something else. Right now I don’t really know what I’d use if for but the things that come to mind is a pen case, cable management, memory cards, spare batteries etc.

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