John Bauer Trail

Coming full circle on this trail or rather where we ended a trip 4 years ago down from Omberg to Gränna. Click this for the old reports, check the ones posted 2013. Them backpacks back then, pew, 25-ish kilos! I could wear about three backpacks now to get to that weight 🙂

It was a good trip with superb weather, 26-28 degrees Celsius and a light breeze. But from a scenic point of view only the first 5-8km from the start (south section) is worth while and the last section (north section) is good for the most part, especially the last bit when you get the view of lake Vättern.


Ticks loves this trail, or me, I had 19 of them but only two attached. Jon got away with two… Lucky.

Saturday’s hike

Karta20140913 This is the hike that me and Jon took yesterday. We met up at my office and then went to Bunn a few miles north of Jönköping. From there we proceeded south towards Skärstad and lake Ramsjön. Fun walk with different terrain features. The only not so fun part was that there was quite a lot of deer flies in the area. Nasty things! A fun part was also that we even managed to get lost for a few minutes, haha! But with a compass and some help from an iPhone we managed to get back on track quite fast. If you look at the map above I’m quite sure that you can figure out where we were lost 🙂 I forgot to turn off the tracking after we got back to the car so that’s why there’s a stretch from the start-marker to the stop-marker. You can click the map to get to the Suunto page and look at our trip in detail.

Maps of the area are found here. Part one & part two.