Bankerydsleden revisited

Jon and I went on a short hike today, May 1st, nice to have the day of from work and spend some of it in the woods. This was my second time walking this trail but last time it was winter and really cold and snowy so it was nice to see it in color. Rain was on the forecast but we managed to get back before it started. We walked about 20km, starting at 09.00 and finished around 13.45 with an hours break for lunch.

Got to field test some new gear too. Jon had his Montbell wind jacket and I had my Fjällräven Fold Sack.

Map of the area.


It was really foggy when we got there, only +2 degrees Celsius.


Walking into the unknown… Not really 🙂


Power lines


Got to meet some Canadians on the trail – we also saw a really beautiful fox but I couldn’t get my camera up in time before it was too far away.


Mystery-box, what can be inside? Stay tuned!

Pictures from yesterdays adventure

Me and a friend went on a short but fun adventure yesterday, Bankerydsleden not to far away from where we live. Here are some photos and a map.

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bankerydsledenWe started at check point one and ended the hike at check point 20 and then headed back to the starting point where my car was parked. All in all it was about a five hour walk with some stops for coffee (CP 7) and lunch (CP 16)