30-Days Hiking Challenge

Alright, so here’s the deal…

I need to get hiking again and the best way is to put some positive pressure into the mix and make it a 30-days hiking challenge.
For the upcoming 30 days I’ll put my pack on and go hiking. On weekdays it’ll probably gonna be pitch black when I go out. On weekends the options are better for daylight hiking.

I have a trail that passes next to our house that I’ve hiked several times that I’ll use for the most part. We also have a hill/mountain close by that I’ve challenged myself in the past to run up to the top, it’s only 343m high but it’s a good 100m ascent that’ll kick your butt if you’re not prepared. Two ways up, the road or the stairs, you figure out which one is more interesting, haha.

Tabergs Topp, 14th of February 2019

This will kind of be a taste of a longer continuous hike, “thru hike” if you will. Going out everyday as long as I’m fit to do it. On Tuesdays I’m doing sports with colleagues so that equals to the hiking as it’s high-cardio stuff. Since yesterday we’ve had magnificent weather, +6C and sunny, however it’s still February here in Sweden so I suspect it can change on a whim.

The rules:

  • Minimum 5 km per day
  • Will always be done with a ‘full pack’
  • You can’t trade days, i.e. skip one and do two the next day unless sick or injured
  • Tuesdays are off unless the other activity is canceled
  • Proof of execution will be posted on Twitter using the hashtag #30DaysHC

If you want to tag along you can also post your pictures under the same hashtag on Twitter. Good luck!