TGO Challenge 2018 Video


This was my TGO Challenge (The Great Outdoor) starting on the 11th of May in Shiel Bridge and finishing at Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, on the 21st of May.

Special thanks to Stefan, Rory, Paul and Scott that help me film and pushed me to do things I otherwise wouldn’t have done.

This video will be followed up by a trip report and more video from a day-to-day basis.

7 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2018 Video

  1. Well done and congrats! It was fun meeting you and chatting at Garva Bridge… I cant believe you managed to edit and upload this so fast! I arrived at Dunnottar a day after you. How come you’ve finished so early?

    • Thanks and likewise!

      I had two more days but from Newtonmore to Glen of Dee I took two days in one blow and the same with the days before I went into Tarfside. I knew I had two shorter days but they were kind of backup-days if the weather would have been bad and I needed to dry stuff out.

      I’m glad you managed to finish because I was a little worried that you wouldn’t due to your blisters. So congratulations to you too!

      • Yeah blisters were bad. I actually had blisters that had their own blisters… But nothing a rest day in Kingussie couldn’t fix so I managed to finish as scheduled. The combination of wet feet + long road walking is the culprit. I never done that before. So you went back home without attending the dinner at Wed. You were missed! (But the food wasn’t very good, so you didn’t miss much on that account…) anyways, hope we’ll meet again on the trail one day! I’ll keep following you here.

      • Glad you finished Atia good effort with the blisters you had. Great chatting to you at Gava Bridge

  2. Alright! That’s good, smart thing with the rest day.
    I’ll have some more videos coming soon from the TGOC and a written trip report.

  3. Glad you finished. Was a great pleasure meeting you and walking with you. Can not wait to see the rest of the Vids. I ended up with shin splints at Breamar so pushed a 30 mile day to Tarfside and a then a 25 mile to finish as once I stopped walking the pain was unreal. I am going to carry on with my plans to go to Sweden next year on the kings trail and look at the John Muir Trial for the future. Hope we can meet agin on the trial.

    • That’s a good push with the shin splints – You healing up now I hope?
      Kungsleden would be fun to do and the same with the John Muir Trail.

      Send me a message through the about / contact page and we can talk more about the two. Might be able to show up on one or the other 🙂

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