4 thoughts on “Episode One – Getting there | Hornstrandir, Iceland, August 2017

  1. Hi Andre, I am planning a trip to Hornstrandir this July. I am working on finalizing the the trip plan for Iceland. I am thinking of spending 7 days on landmannalalougar to slogar trail, take a break in Reykjavik and then fly to isafjordur. I am not able to decide whether I should take a day in isafjordur before traveling to hornstrandir? Would I be able to get the boat on the same day and complete the first day of the hike? Same question on the return, would I be able to get the plane to reykjavik after completing the trek?


    • Hi there!

      Laugavegur trail is really awesome, I did that in 2015. There’s a trip report here

      About Iceland and traveling. The bus- and boat schedules are, hmm, guidelines. For instance buses can be several hours late and the same with the boats to/from Hornstrandir. The boat I was on even broke down a few km from the harbor on our way back, haha! They’re so busy during the summer months that there’s no time for the very much needed maintenance.

      So if I where you I’d make sure to have at least half a day between flights and buses just to be safe. If you come in early to Reykjavik you can probably get a later bus to Landmannalaguar, that’s what we did. Then coming back you probably need a day to catch a flight to Isafjordur. I stayed a day in the town there because there was a bank holiday so the boats didn’t go on the day. But I’m glad I did because it’s a cozy town and you have time to get everything in order before heading out. I found accommodation in Isafjordur not to be that expensive. I stayed at the Litla Guesthouse, they were kind enough to store a bag for me too while I was out hiking.

      If you have any more questions just let me know and if not have a great one!

  2. thanks Andre. That’s very helpful. I think I will need to take a break for both the trails to buy gas for stove and Map etc. Are there any stores in Ísafjörður to buy the gas?

    • Yes you have the local gas station next to the supermarket that usually have it. You can actually call them and check, they even put some away if need be. There’s also one of the boat tour companies in town, not the one in the tourist info office, I believe they have some too, they sell outdoor gear and stuff to some degree.

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