Latest acquisitions

Just in from the post office and the guys and girls at


I fell in love with the Six Moon Design Serenity NetTent (Bug tent) when I borrowed it from Jon on my latest trip to Vålådalen, Sweden. It fits just great under my Ultamid 2.

Saw a blog post and someone recommended the Tred Lite Gear Ultralight XL Cuben Fiber Led Camping Lantern (that’s a long name). 14g with an “integrated light” is pretty nice for those darker months or nights. I also bought their Fusion Zipped Icarex Peg Bag to replace my current one from HMG.



5 thoughts on “Latest acquisitions

    • I agree. It looks to be a neat little addon to the kit. To be fairly honest I didn’t know that it came with a light but that I had to add one myself or use my headlight so that was most definitely a bonus.

    • That looks nice. I’m going out in to the woods tomorrow for a section hike close to home. I have this trail that I can access directly from my backyard so I’ll continue that one and cross over to a new map section that I haven’t walked before.

      Weather is no the best, +4 degrees, light drizzle or even snow. -1 or -2 degrees C during the nights.

      • Yes, the weather has turned into winter a bit again. I’ll be over in Sweden next Thursday for a few days. Looks like I should be lucky with the weather, at least I should experience + temps at night. I am getting a little tired of the “winter” weather. Can’t wait until May … it’s normally always sunny weather and I get to hike in shorts again. Have a great time tomorrow!

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