Lecture with Renata Chlumska

Attended an event this evening with Renata Chlumska the great Swedish adventurer which has climbed Mount Everest, paddled around the US and also climbed the Seven Summits.


The topic of the lecture was ‘Find the motivation’ (Freely translated). She talked about all of her great adventures and how the mind is your greatest part of your body. It’s not how well trained you are or how fast you can paddle but how motivated you are to completing the task at hand.

Really great, I’d recommend anyone who gets the chance to listen in. It was super inspiring! Stoked! A great way to start the main hiking season.

A few notes I jotted down:

  • Planing
  • Training
  • Final preparations

One of her key points were basically, just make sure you do it. Many adventures have just been made on a piece of paper and never gotten any further. If you go, and you succeed or fail, it doesn’t matter. If you succeed, good for you but if you fail you gain more experience to redo it and finally succeed.

This does not go just for backpacking or adventures in general but with your everyday work goals too. Put your mind in the right place and you’re half way there.

7 thoughts on “Lecture with Renata Chlumska

    • Thanks! It’s been a busy time after the holidays with an unholy workload so hopefully I’ll have more time now. I’ve also bought a few new items to my setup that will complement/replace some of my gear. But more on that later!

  1. I’m too looking forward to read new posts. Your blog helps me a lot with my preparations for our two weeks hiking trip to Iceland this summer : )

  2. Var på ett seminar med Renata genom Jönköpings klätterklubb, var väldigt intressant att lyssna på henne faktiskt!

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