Pre-planning Jotunheimen

The time of departure is closing fast on this summers adventure to Jotunheimen, Norway. We had to make some changes to our previous plans and now we’re leaving a week earlier.

Gear-lists are done, more or less, a few grams might shift here and there but everything that we need are on the lists. Before we leave I think I’ll post both of our lists here. And if you already didn’t know I try to keep mine quite updated here on the site under the Gear tab.

We’re still waiting for some stuff. I had to return my Bearpawwd inner-net because they made me order the wrong one for the UltaMid. However it should arrive on time. We also put an order on two bivys from Zpacks, the Pertex Quantum bivy with the detachable screen. This neat little bivy weighs in at only 187g with the net attached! Right now we think that we’re bringing the bivys to save some weight.

Here’s a picture from todays “meeting”. Jon waves his hands around trying to explain how fast we will be walking with our light packs or something 😉


2 thoughts on “Pre-planning Jotunheimen

  1. Hi Andre,
    My recommendation – Go with the bivy sacks, especially during summer…..if the weather forecast looks sketchy, I bring an Integral Designs Siltarp 1 (weighs about 220g) to sleep under in a bivy. Quick to set up with para cord to rocks, trees, hiking poles, etc.
    Have a great hike in Norway…:)!

    • Hi!

      Yeah – I’ve used bivys for many years but only heavier ones like the army issued stuff that are made out of GoreTex. I’d never heard of Designs Siltarp before but they look kind of nice.

      We’ll be using the bivys with my HMG UltaMid 2. The difference with the bivys and the inner-net is of course that the inner has a bathtub floor so you have more dry space if it’s wet outside.

      We’ve thought about bringing like a square meter or so of Tyvek to use as a sitting pad when cooking. But I don’t think we’ll do that this time.

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