Forget whatever I said about the Arc’Teryx AR Glove…

Not too long ago I wrote this…

The Tactician AR Gloves I bought primarily as a part of my cold weather kit but I must say that they are more at home than with me. I often carry them to/from work in the colder months, driving my car. I had hope them to be warmer but when it starts getting close to 0 degrees Celsius they aren’t really up for the task (Note, I always get my hands cold when I’m out and about and I’ve struggled to find good gloves). But in the fall/spring they’re great. I would just like to get a tip what to treat them with to get better weather resistance.


I might even at some point have said that they aren’t really worth the money… Well, after I wrote/said that I’ve been using them more regularly.  I went and bought some leather balm from Hestra Glove that’s a mix between different waxes and some other great stuff like lanolin and paraffin. It keeps the glove from getting wet as fast as it does directly from the store but it does get sticky so you don’t want to go driving in your car directly after applying it to your gloves. So that’s the weather-resistance-part done!

About a month or so back we moved to our new house and during the whole moving process I used the gloves carrying boxes and whatever needed lifting. This partially helped with breaking in the gloves making them even more comfy than before.

With the new house came new responsibilities… We now have a fireplace. The fireplace needs wood and wood needs chopping. Heck yeah! Now the gloves really came to life! Adding the leather balm, wearing them basically every time I went outside the house, swung the big axe and stacked the woodpiles. All this when the first snow came in. We had like -8 degrees Celsius and when it wasn’t that cold it rained a lot and during this process I really started to understand why these gloves were made in the first place and why you actually buy them – as they aren’t cheap.

This far I haven’t seen any wear on them at all and I haven’t really been that nice to them. I’ve even tried out if they really are fire retardant when I’ve been poking around in the fireplace and placing new pieces of wood in there.

I just want to finish of this blog post with how pleased I am with these gloves, now that I actually use them the way they were thought to be used.

Here are some pictures of my gloves!

IMG_1110 IMG_1102 IMG_1100 IMG_1105

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