Video Friday

This Friday I offer you an adventurous video about Kyle Dempster who took off on his bike across Kyrgyzstan…

I also had my own small adventure this evening. Naturkompaniet a Swedish outdoor retail store had their annual treasure hunt called “Skattjakt 365”. They hide Nalgene-size bottles out in the woods with a gift certificate worth 1 000 SEK each. Here in my region there were four treasures hidden. The first one we went to we were there first but had some technical problems so we gave up on that one and went to another one… This time we were first loser. The finders of that one were just there a few minutes before us. We actually talked about going there first and if we would have we would have been there like half an hour before them… Bad luck 🙂 But we had a great time. Beats the hell out of sitting at home and watching TV on a Friday evening!

skattjakt 365