Let there be light? Black Diamond Spot Titanium

P1020397Bought this headlamp, Black Diamond Spot Titanium, the other day when it was on sale. Until now I’ve only owned a Petzl e+lite and though that little fellow is really good it doesn’t provide that much light for walking outside of your camp. So that’s why I got this one.

It has got strong LED-lights with four different settings or actually five if you count the dimmer. The first is the main light which is really strong! Then you have the two outer lights for walking around the camp. If you’ve got good eyes you’ll even see two small circles and these will give you some red light. Two other features are dimmer and blinking lights.

This picture might give you some referens to how strong the main light is.

IMG_1326It was pitch black outside and that’s about 30-40m out to the house on the left. The camera couldn’t get all the light in but I could see further than that and it was great! So the 70m marker on the box might just be right! 🙂