5Point Film Festival

The 5Point Film Festival is all about outdoor film. The festival has been going since 2011 and has brought some really nice outdoor films to our doorsteps. Here’s a preview of what’s to expect. The festival is running right now, 24-27 of April.

Our mission

5Point Film is on a mission to inspire adventure of all kinds, to connect generations through shared experience, to engage passion with a conscience, and to educate through film.

5 years of blogging


Happy anniversary too meeeee!!

Five years of blogging here at WordPress, well time literally flies.

It’s quite funny to look back sometimes on past adventures and stuff – this is kind of like my modern day diary so to speak.

Not that secret though 🙂

See you around!


Pictures from yesterdays adventure

Me and a friend went on a short but fun adventure yesterday, Bankerydsleden not to far away from where we live. Here are some photos and a map.

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bankerydsledenWe started at check point one and ended the hike at check point 20 and then headed back to the starting point where my car was parked. All in all it was about a five hour walk with some stops for coffee (CP 7) and lunch (CP 16)

Arc’Teryx DRAC Jacket & Tactician AR Glove in the rain

Was out walking with my kids yesterday and when I left home I had a good feeling it would start to rain but we went anyways. Planed time for the walk, 1 hour. I didn’t bring any rain gear for me or my older son and as for my daughter she’s got all the rain protection she need sleeping in the stroller. I did this because I wanted to try how much rain my Arc’Teryx clothes and gloves would take before getting soaked and the same for my sons soft-shell jacket.

I was wearing a Arc’Teryx DRAC Jacket and a pair of Arc’Teryx Tactician AR Gloves. Under this I had my trustworthy Patagonia Nano Puff Down Jacket and a Helly Hansen base layer. Waist down, TAD Gear Force 10 Cargo Pants and a pair of Haglöfs Vertigo shoes.

After like 10 minutes it started to drizzle and I put the rain cover over the stroller. Another 10 minutes passes by and the rain starts to intensify, nothing much by now. The Arc’Teryx jacket looks good, filled with water drops that stays on top of fabric of the jacket. If you pull the fabric all the drops will fall of the fabric – all good! The Tactician AR Gloves are starting to get a little dark around the knuckles.

15 minutes later the sky really opens up, it’s now poring down. The jacket is still doing it’s job after 20 minutes into this heavy rain, no dark spots on the fabric telling me that I’m not gonna get wet anytime soon. The gloves however is now really dark on the back of my hands and I can feel that the tips of my fingers are getting a little damp from holding the stroller. My TAD Gear pants are now soaked on the front of my thighs and on the back of my calfs.

Another 5 minutes later my gloves are getting damp all over but I’m not wet. The jacket shows some dark spots on the most exposed parts, the shoulders. Pants are still soaked… I should have treated them with some of that special fabric stuff that you put in the washing machine, lesson learned.

Coming up on the hour after pausing in a small bus shelter when the rain was the most intense I finally arrives at the store where my fiancé is picking us up. The gloves are damp on the top of my hand, the palm shows nothing but the leather is still darkened. The tips of my fingers are now wet. The jacket is now darker on the shoulders and on the arms but no worries here. The inside of the jacket is a little moist/damp but nothing of this shows on my Patagonia down jacket which normally shows if it’s the slightest of rain outside buy getting darker quite fast.

Here are a few pictures that I took when arriving at the store.

All in all I’m once again very impressed with the quality of the Arc’Teryx DRAC Jacket. I’ve had it now for over a year wearing it out in the woods whole weekends in the cold winter and in the summer etc. It’s a very versatile jacket and it has replaced my cold weather issued GoreTex jacket (US Army) as it has proven it’s weather resistance time and time again and a important fact, it’s much smaller than your standard cold weather jacket. The soft-shell really closes out the elements and at the same time you have good ventilations through the front pockets with mesh inside and pit sips.

The Tactician AR Gloves I bought primarily as a part of my cold weather kit but I must say that they are more at home than with me. I often carry them to/from work in the colder months, driving my car. I had hope them to be warmer but when it starts getting close to 0 degrees Celsius they aren’t really up for the task (Note, I always get my hands cold when I’m out and about and I’ve struggled to find good gloves). But in the fall/spring they’re great. I would just like to get a tip what to treat them with to get better weather resistance.

So if you’re in the market for a new soft-shell jacket the Arc’Teryx DRAC Jacket is definitely the way to go!

New workout clothes

Visited the local sports and outdoor store yesterday to buy some new workout clothes. Needed something that was wind- and somewhat water resistant that I can use during the colder months and on the chillier summer days. So I went there totally open minded not having browsed the web before and just relied on their expertise.

So this is what I bought and what they recommended. I’ll primarily use this for running and workouts at the outdoor gym.

As an outer layer they recommended a two piece set from Adidas Supernova (SN) Gore Jacket and pants. These are super lightweight and stretches alot so it’ll be very comfy while moving.

  • Climaproof® wind provides sngorejacketlightweight, breathable protection from wind
  • FORMOTION® follows the natural movement of sport for a better fit and greater comfort in motion
  • GORE WINDSTOPPER® fabric for breathable wind protection
  • Front zip pockets; Vertical zip pocket on left chest
  • Full zip with stand-up collar; Reflective details; Slim fit
  • 100% polyester plain weav

I also got something that I thought I’d never buy… A pair of X2U (Two Times You) Compression x2ucompressionpantsTights! In short the purpose of these are that you get graduated compression that maximizes blood flow toward the heart to keep your performance up. It also helps with sore muscles so you should put them on a while before you go out and keep them on after you’ve cooled down. So in combination with the Adidas pants above I have a nice combo going.

Bought a set of Helly Hansen Freeze 1/2 Zip and their equivalent pants. This is a merino wool garment with the LIFA fibre technology so that it’ll transport moisture quicker of your body to keep you nice and dry. I think these will be a great first layer both for running but also for when I’m out hiking. I mostly bought the pants for those cold nights in the sleeping bag as I very seldom get my legs cold.

I also got a new pair of indoor shoes, Adidas Essence in dark blue and to top everything of I got a pair of Adidas Climawarm Gloves as my hands always tends to be cold 🙂 aaand a new Primus EtaPower 1.7L pot with a built-in heat exchanger.

The best thing with the visit to the store was when I got out of the changing room the my “personal shopper” told me that I looked fast (!?) and then I thought…
– This must be the shit, I’ll get everything that I’ve got here! Haha!

Mattock Drysock LT from Arc’Teryx

This is an interesting product, Mattock Drysock LT that I don’t really know if I like or not. I’d very much like to try them out but as I haven’t I can just speculate what to like and not.

Waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® sock for use during extensive exposure to wet terrain.


My first impression is that it looks awesome just like any other product from Arc’Teryx LEAF . What I don’t really get is how breathable it is. I mean it’s not your ordinary drysock nor is it your ordinary gaiter but a hybrid. So you can’t really just take it off if you want more ventilation that you can with your standard gaiter but you’ll have a permanent protection from rain and wet terrain.

I personally wouldn’t want to walk around for an extended period of time with drysocks, I’ve done that before with some issued army stuff and they got the job done but you got sweaty and cold and when Gore-Tex get wet, well there aren’t no going back… But you might wanna use gaiters for a whole weekend out in the woods and they’re way easier to dry no matter if it’s in the summer or in the cold winter.

Well, ITS Tactical seem all happy about them as you can read further down in this article that I found while Googleing some information on the Mattock Drysock.