New First Aid Kit

I’m not talking about the Swedish band but rather a kit to help you when you get hurt 🙂


The complete package weighs in at roughly 100g and the yellow ripstop bag weighs about 8g so it’s really lightweight. Inside the bag there’s a zip-lock bag that’s really easy to open and close to get to what you need. This makes it really easy to refill and still keep the kit waterproof after its first use.




Backwoods first aid kit from GearScout

A little something about an outdoor IFAK.


I’m heading out for a couple of days of backpacking with my son and had to throw together a suitable first aid kit. Considering the activity and the scope of my training as an emergency medical responder (EMR), I chose a bit more than a handful of gear that I could use to treat just about any traumatic injury we might encounter on the trail. I’ve centered on slip and fall injuries: scratches, lacerations, sprains, strains, fractures and head injuries. All the things that would result from taking a tumble down a slope.

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