Mattock Drysock LT from Arc’Teryx

This is an interesting product, Mattock Drysock LT that I don’t really know if I like or not. I’d very much like to try them out but as I haven’t I can just speculate what to like and not.

Waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® sock for use during extensive exposure to wet terrain.


My first impression is that it looks awesome just like any other product from Arc’Teryx LEAF . What I don’t really get is how breathable it is. I mean it’s not your ordinary drysock nor is it your ordinary gaiter but a hybrid. So you can’t really just take it off if you want more ventilation that you can with your standard gaiter but you’ll have a permanent protection from rain and wet terrain.

I personally wouldn’t want to walk around for an extended period of time with drysocks, I’ve done that before with some issued army stuff and they got the job done but you got sweaty and cold and when Gore-Tex get wet, well there aren’t no going back… But you might wanna use gaiters for a whole weekend out in the woods and they’re way easier to dry no matter if it’s in the summer or in the cold winter.

Well, ITS Tactical seem all happy about them as you can read further down in this article that I found while Googleing some information on the Mattock Drysock.

Looking for new winter gloves

I’m out on the hunt for two pairs of new winter gloves, or cold weather gloves/mitts to be more precise.

Right of now I have identified two pairs of gloves that I’m choosing between and one of those are to be my first pair with the main purpose to be used when moving in the cold or doing some sort of activity and not for static use. The two gloves are both from Arc’teryx, the first one is the CAM SV glove and the second one is the Tactician AR glove. AR stands for All around.

arcteryx cam sv and tactician ar

Borrowed picture from as he doesn’t want ppl to directly link to/from his page.

I’ve been reading reviews and watching YouTube videos about both of them and right now it feels like the Tactician AR is better. It’s all leather which is good if your near a fire and they look more ‘civvy’ than the CAM SV – at least in the Rawhide color which I prefer than the black one.

The other pair of gloves, or should I say mitts, I want for more static stuff or when it gets really cold like it does here in Sweden during the winters. I’ve been looking at the Arc’teryx Alpha SV mitt but they don’t really fit my needs as I want a 3-finger mitt and they are a little pricy. One of the reasons for the 3-finger mitt is that I can use it for shooting but also because you get better control if you need to pick up stuff from the ground or fasten a buckle or whatever without removing your mitts. So what I’ve found is a Swedish brand called Hestra Glove (Hestra Handsken) and they are well known around the globe for their high quality products just like Arc’teryx. The price tag is a little smaller and they have the 3-finger glove that I’m looking for. I was out today looking for it but all the stores here were I live have sold out and just had the standard mitt that looks pretty much like the Alpha SV.


But, just like every other brand out on the market they also have two versions of the mitt/glove… One with GORE-TEX and one with “just leather”. The Heli 3-Finger or the Hestra Army GTX 3-Finger, also called XCR 3-Finger depending on which market it faces. I think that the last named glove is the one that is issued to the Swedish Army as a cold/extreme cold weather glove/mitt.

One important thing or at least a nice-to-have feature would be if I could remove the inner liner and put the Tactician or the CAM SV glove inside and mainly use the mitt as a shell. I don’t think the Army 3-Finger can do that but it should be doable with the Heli 3-Finger which is a GORE-TEX shell. I know that there are some cheaper shell mitts out there, like the Extremities Tuff Bags.

If this doesn’t end well I’ll end up with a load of mitts and gloves 🙂

If you know any that could fit my specifications please shoot me an e-mail or drop a comment below!