Magazines – What to read?

I’ve been searching for some good magazines to read but I haven’t found any. I’d like to find one that’s devoted to workout but not the kind of with a bunch of big gorillas flexing all over the cover, but rather the one with some trail running, climbing, camping, biking and good stories about adventures in different countries. Are there a magazine for that?


I found this magazine at the store today and I hope it’s a good read.

The second one I’d like to read is a good photo magazine.

The third one and maybe the most interesting one would be a outfitters guide/magazine with BoB/EDC gear and different survival tips and tricks. A little something about workout in one of those wouldn’t hurt either 🙂 I’ve heard about one but I don’t know if I can get it here in Sweden (as a subscription) and that is the OFFGRID magazine that is a part of Recoil.

And if you do know any good sites just let me know!

A few I know of that has got some interesting stuff on them are:
Geared Magazine
ITS Tactical
Gear Junkie
The Prepper Journal 




Been waiting now for some time for the 3 Commando: Helmand Assault so I called and wondered if I could change the order and get a new book sooner because they had no delivery date on that one. It all happened so fast so instead of just adding one new book I added three 🙂

Also got an e-mail today saying that 3 Commando and the new Metro 2034: the Defense of Sevastopolskaya book by Dmitri Glukhovsky are on their way.

As soon as the other two get’s in stock I’ll have them too – perfect now that the weather changes and gets cold and dark!

I also ordered:
The Only Thing Worth Dying For
Not A Good Day To Die

New book

Bought a new book today, had to use my coupon that I got in August when my b-day was before it expired. Bought 3 Commando: Helmand Assault, one of many books on my wish list.

I finished Task Force Black a few weeks back and now I’m ploughing through Sniper One from Sgt. Dan Mills. Sniper One, what a book, really intense! Feels like you’re there with them!

Reading – and new books

Right of now I’m reading the book Jawbreaker by Gary Berntsen and it’s a real page turner, no doubt about that!

I posted a about a month back that I had some books that I hadn’t read yet but now I’m halfway there 🙂 I also bought a book on sale that I tought was the second book in that series… and I thought I’d bought the first one on audio book before but that wasn’t the case… Well, I’ll just have to read it anyway because the “first one” was really good and enthralling.

It’s the book by Simon Scarrow – The Eagle’s Conquest.


Well, I also ordered a few more books of the other week. I hope that they are a good read.

Task Force Black
Sniper One
Jaeger – “Behind Enemy Lines”