Hiking Holavedsleden

Hiking Holavedsleden (59km) from Tranås to Gränna in the last days of April. The numbers and letters showing up through out the video are map reference markers.

Pleasant walk but a lot of roads and not enough trails through the forests. Water was an issue at times but not so much that it was holding me back.

Number of ticks attached, four. A few crawlers too.

For maps and more info about Holavedsleden click here.


2 thoughts on “Hiking Holavedsleden

  1. Hey buddy did not see you at the bothy. i pushed from bremar till tarfside after having a bad day with shinplints and today pushed to northwater bridge so only have a 7 mile day to finish tomorrow. hope your your TGO goes well. still need to get your email.

    • Hi I’m currently camped in the fetteresso forest and finishing tomorrrow two days early (I have reception a few 100m up hill). I found your map at the bothy so I was there but a little late because I went up Lochnagar first. You’ll reach me via the contact form on the page about / contact

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