Looking for a new kitchen radio

Our cheap, old, worn-out kitchen radio need to be replaced. It’s got crappy sound and the FM-radio is not working properly… I’ve been looking at different models and the stuff we want is of course the FM-radio… It needs to be portable and to be “whiteish” to fit the interior. Bluetooth is also a feature that would be nice so that we can connect our phones to stream audio from Spotify and whatever.

So far I’ve dialed in on a radio that I found on Apples online store, the ViewQuest Hepburn portable Bluetooth speaker. But my better half thought it was too expensive 🙂

ViewQuest Hepburn

Does anyone have any tips on other models? It does not have to be a retro-looking radio! Any help would be appreciated… Price range is basically 0-150USD (0-1000SEK).


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