Delivery from HMG!

Here it is! My new tent, the UltaMid 2 from Hyperlite Mountain Gear.


Without the packbag and additional strings attached to the tent it weighs in at the astonishing 499g. With the strings, stuff sack and the UltaMid pole straps it sums up to 645g which is very light for a huge tent. Cuben fiber looks to be an awesome material!

I also got my new book and some accessories from HMG.

I’m really excited to go out and pitch this tent now during the weekend, perfect now that Easter is just around the corner. However my new trekking poles hasn’t arrived yet and my new backpack but they should be here by the end of April.

4 thoughts on “Delivery from HMG!

    • Thanks!

      I hope I’ll have many great nights under the tent.
      You don’t happen to have a recommendation for a ground sheet and/or a inner-net?

      • For a ground sheet get an Oookworks bathtub floor that is in stock. That will be ideal, as its going to give you a dry space under it and protect kit from water ingress. Inner for it? Oookworks custom, but that can take a lot of time.

        Bearpawed Designs in the USA, or look at measurements and see if a Sixmoons Designs bug inner fits inside ? Hope that helps.

      • That helps very much actually. I’ve looked at Oookworks before but I didn’t want to make an order as many forums say that their delivery time is insanely long…

        I’ll have a look at the inners, here in Sweden we get a lot of mosquitos so I need a bug inner really bad otherwise it’ll be unbearable 🙂

        Thanks again!

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