Toothpaste Dots Attempt

I’m definitely gonna try this on my next overnighter!


So, I’ve always wanted to try this. Toothpaste dots are what lightweight backpacking is all about! Every ounce of weight counts.. and it definitely adds up quickly.

  • Start with a toothPASTE. Not a gel. Paste will be able to dry and keep it’s dot shape. I choose Pronamel because I was recently at the dentist.


  • Squeeze out chocolate chip sized dots onto a sheet of aluminum foil.


  • Leave dots to dry for 3-4 days. Somewhere safe and at room temperature. Another option you could try would be to place the dots in a dehydrator overnight. I heard that works pretty well. 
  • After 3-4 days, the toothpaste dots will be firm enough to pluck off. Coat the dots in baking powder to keep them from sticking and place in a tiny craft bag (find them at Jo-Anns or Micheals) for extra lightweightness.


Toothpaste dots were a success! Now, instead of carrying…

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