Ultimate Survival : Alaska

A great survival series that you should watch if you already haven’t is the National Geographics Ultimate Survival Alaska.


They are some of the toughest, most extreme survivalists from across the nation. Dropped in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness by bush plane, with only their raw, die-hard ingenuity and the gear on their backs, they’ll navigate through treacherous glaciated river valleys, barren ridgelines, and high mountain peaks, battling hunger, hostile predators, and perilous weather conditions along the way. Like the original National Geographic explorers, for those who succeed there is no grand prize, just the well-fought pride of having conquered the grueling challenges that Mother Nature can throw at them. It’s an epic competition series where the only prize is survival.

Season two offers a new set of survivalist, many of them quite famous, in different from the first season (if your not an Alaskan). For those of you that have read the book by Evan Wright or seen the TV-series Generation Kill might find one of the participants and the name Rudy familiar… or should I say Rudy Reyes aka “Fruity Rudy”.


Rudy “Fruity Rudy” Reyes at Ultimate Survival Alaska, season two.

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