Magazines – What to read?

I’ve been searching for some good magazines to read but I haven’t found any. I’d like to find one that’s devoted to workout but not the kind of with a bunch of big gorillas flexing all over the cover, but rather the one with some trail running, climbing, camping, biking and good stories about adventures in different countries. Are there a magazine for that?


I found this magazine at the store today and I hope it’s a good read.

The second one I’d like to read is a good photo magazine.

The third one and maybe the most interesting one would be a outfitters guide/magazine with BoB/EDC gear and different survival tips and tricks. A little something about workout in one of those wouldn’t hurt either 🙂 I’ve heard about one but I don’t know if I can get it here in Sweden (as a subscription) and that is the OFFGRID magazine that is a part of Recoil.

And if you do know any good sites just let me know!

A few I know of that has got some interesting stuff on them are:
Geared Magazine
ITS Tactical
Gear Junkie
The Prepper Journal 



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