6 Reminders on Hiking Etiquette from TAoM

After spending a number of years in Utah hiking infrequently used trails, I returned to my native Washington state. Last month, I wanted to show my girlfriend some of the more popular local natural wonders, so we laced up our boots and headed for the hills. Not much had changed since my youth, but the trails sure did seem to be more crowded. After a few frustrating encounters on the trail, I realized that I had forgotten just about everything from my scouting days regarding trail etiquette. Here are a few things with which I needed a refresher, and that every hiker should keep in mind:

1. Horses, Hikers, and BikersP1010898 2. Yield to Uphill Traffic
3. Stay to the Right, Pass on the Left
4. Leave No Trace
5. Tech on the Trail
6. Be Friendly and Have Fun

Read about all the topics here at The Art of Manliness.

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