Mattock Drysock LT from Arc’Teryx

This is an interesting product, Mattock Drysock LT that I don’t really know if I like or not. I’d very much like to try them out but as I haven’t I can just speculate what to like and not.

Waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® sock for use during extensive exposure to wet terrain.


My first impression is that it looks awesome just like any other product from Arc’Teryx LEAF . What I don’t really get is how breathable it is. I mean it’s not your ordinary drysock nor is it your ordinary gaiter but a hybrid. So you can’t really just take it off if you want more ventilation that you can with your standard gaiter but you’ll have a permanent protection from rain and wet terrain.

I personally wouldn’t want to walk around for an extended period of time with drysocks, I’ve done that before with some issued army stuff and they got the job done but you got sweaty and cold and when Gore-Tex get wet, well there aren’t no going back… But you might wanna use gaiters for a whole weekend out in the woods and they’re way easier to dry no matter if it’s in the summer or in the cold winter.

Well, ITS Tactical seem all happy about them as you can read further down in this article that I found while Googleing some information on the Mattock Drysock.

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