Röde Videomic Pro & Phottix Variable ND Filter

Bought some stuff for my DSLR video setup today. A new microphone from the Australian company RØDE (the founders are originally from Sweden and emigrated hence the name), the Videomic Pro and an variable ND filter so that I don’t have to bother with different ND-filter that got more or less stops on them.


I was really close to also buying a Zoom H2n but then I was brought to my senses and backed off. I’ll get it in the future or it’s bigger brother the Zoom H4n. I could buy the Zoom H1 which is also really good from what I’ve read but I want to have the possibility to record different audio tracks. One with the Videomic Pro and at the same time record with the built in microphones to get both the directional sound and the ambient sounds.

Also I don’t think that the Zoom H1 records two different audio-levels. On with your settings and one that got lower settings so if the sound peaks you’ll still have a good audio recording with the lower settings. I know that the Zoom H2 and up can do just that.

It’s gonna be great fun to try this out tomorrow!


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