RC Helicopters

I think I’ve found some thing else to do in my spare time – fly RC helicopters 🙂


This is great fun and I’ve got two right of now that I’m trying to get my skills up with. They are both clones from WL toys. The smaller V911 and the bigger brother V912.

Now that I’m getting used to flying fixed pitch hellis I think I’ve found the next step here with a CP (Collective Pitch) helicopter. The E-Flite Blade 450. A friend of mine just bought the same helicopter but not the original from E-Flite but the CopterX 450 which is a copy. I guess that would do too so I’ll just see if he’s happy with his or not before I order.

Here’s a video of the 450X with some crazy 3D flying…. The 450X is basically the same model as the 450 but it doesn’t have the flybar.


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