New camera gear from OP/Tech

Bought some stuff for my camera so that I can have the neck strap when I want it and have a quick detach when I don’t need it. Most of the time I don’t need the neck strap and it’s always annoying. So to fix this I got these two different connectors. I didn’t know which one would be the best solution for me and I’m glad I bought them both.


Here’s the Adapt-Its mounted on my Canon 5D Mark II


These are from Op/Tech System, the Utility Loop and the Adapt-Its. I got these of eBay fairly cheap from this seller, Procameragear.

The Utility Loop is just what it says it is but the Adapt-Its is some thing different that I’ve not seen before. It’s a hard plastic-thingy that’s looks and feels to be very sturdy. It was a pain in the but to mount on the right side of the camera (last picture) even though it bends. I tried it both ways and found the one above to be the best. If you mount it the other way around the neck strap will block the view of your screen and the carabiner will most likely scratch it too. Having it hanging of the side like that isn’t annoying at all because your hand will rest just under it and it’s still flexible so it’ll bend if you push against it.

Now I just have to buy some small carabiners to attach the original neck strap too and then I’m all set!


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