Fjällräven Gaiter Trousers No.1

Fjällräven Gaiter Trousers No.1 is a pair of pants that I’d really want, but they are juuuust a little over my budget for a pair of pants so to say.

Advanced trekking trousers in G-1000 Eco and G-1000 HD for demanding outdoor activities any season of the year. Innovative zip-off solution with built-in gaiter.

Gaiter Trousers No. 1 are advanced trekking trousers for long adventures in the outdoors, any time of the year. An innovative gaiter function makes it possible to adapt the trousers to different types of weather and terrain. In warm weather the lower section of the leg can be taken off to turn the trousers into shorts, just like a normal pair of zip-off trousers. The removed section has a drawcord adjustment at the calf that together with

What I really like about them are the cargo pockets that sits on the front of the pants instead of on the side like on a normal pair of cargo pants. More like a pair of pilot g-suit pants with map pockets strapped to the front. This way they’re easier to access with maps, papers, phones etc. I use those pockets on my Triple Aught Design Force 10 Cargo pants all the time, even though they’re smaller they’re very useful! Perfect for quick and easy access like I said.

These pants retails for about 3 000 SEK.

Here you’ll find more information about Fjällräven Numbers Series.

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