Trip to Visingsö

Visited the island Visingsö this Sunday and hiked. It was good fun and the weather was great, +3 degrees in the morning and about +13 degrees in the afternoon. I packed fairly heavy this time to test my new shoes that I bought, Haglöfs Vertigo, and to see if my latest adjustments on my backpack went well and they did. The shoes were also worth every penny, very comfortable as I expected. Let’s just hope these lasts longer than my previous Haglöfs did…



This is what I brought in my MR Wolf Alpha, 69L:

Trangia stuff
Primus OmniLite TI
3L water
Small towel
Bungee cords and a poncho
A lot of clothes, sweaters, jackets (yes with a ‘s’ in the end), etc
Trekking poles
And some misc stuff

All this was about 12-15kg just to make sure that everything was set with the shoes and the backpack. And it was! 🙂

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