Mystery Ranch Day Pack Lid

The Mystery Ranch Day Pack Lid, or the NICE Day Pack Lid, is an upgrade from the standard lid that comes with most of the Mystery Ranch packs. This one, like the rest, are removable but with the big difference that the Day Pack Lid has integrated shoulder straps.

The Day Pack Lid gets its name from a simple shoulder strap assembly that allows it to double as a daypack for scouting or escape and evasion situations.

The lid has two separate compartments and one of them has ported holes for a hydration system. And because it has two separate compartments in stead of one it allows you to pack overload as it forms around for i.e a sleeping pad, without loosing any internal space in the compartments. This is differs a lot from the standard lid that compresses much easier due to the design.

On the back of the pack there’s an insert, much like foam, to protect your back when wearing it. This adds a little comfort but it’s not like wearing a normal backpack but when I’ve worn it for a few hours packed to the limit I haven’t felt any discomfort.

There are also two plastic loops that sits between the compartments. I wasn’t really 100% sure what these were made for (from a Mystery Ranch perspective) so I had to shoot them an e-mail…

daypack lid


Hi! What are the plastic loops for that sits in between the two compartments of the lid? I’ve tried to figure out why they are there… Attaching a sleeping pad maybe?



Thank you for your interest in Mystery Ranch Backpacks. They are there for lashing 1″ web straps to attach tripods, sleeping pads etc. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Andrew-MR Customer Service

The lid adds another 14 liters (!!!) to the pack, 900cu..

I’d recommend this Day Pack Lid to anyone with a Mystery Ranch pack!

I’ve basically no use for my Camelback HAWG anymore when I’m out hiking when I need to be away from my camp for a few hours or up to a day.


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    • You don’t need a NICEFrame to use it but I don’t think it’ll fit the Komodo as it has its own integrated lid so to speak. It’ll fit the SATL and similar packs that has got a separate lid that will detach. You could always e-mail MR and ask them but I think the answer is no.

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