4 thoughts on “Out and About #Mysteryranch

  1. That’s a big ruck. Thanks for the info the other month re: Malice Pack from TT. I did end up buying one. Fit perfectly on my MR nice frame, and its olive drab in color. Fits in well with our issued Cadpat here. I noticed your thermarest, I have the Toughskin by thermarest. It’s very good for all types of weather and ground surfaces. Next time I can send a pic of my ruck – it’s packed right now for the field, heading out for 5 weeks.

    • Yeah it’s a 100L with the Wolfpup added so it’s quite big!

      Nice to see that I could give some info that actually helped someone on the other end. Would love a picture!

      So I guess that you’re MIL – may I ask where you’re deployed right now? Or are you just out for a 5 week stroll in the woods?

      How do you like the Toughskin? I’ve had noting but problems with my self-inflating sleeping pads… Maybe I’ve just bought the ones that are too cheap?

      Thanks for the comment!

      • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/s/?view=att&th=13dd0abda22a19a7&attid=0.1&disp=attd&safe=1&zw

        I hope that works – just the latest pic of my ruck, sent from my work BB to my IPhone, sent again.
        Going to the field for a training exercise for a live fire. I’m in the CDN Mil, light infantry paratrooper for 22 years now. This new job has me as the HQ SSM and Training Warrant Officer. All fun. Easy days.
        So I do have a lot of gear here at this end and have tested it on many occasion on my trips to the desert/arctic/rainy craphole, haha.
        The thermarest, it’s not cheap, I think it was 150 CDN, but has lasted me numerous outings and abuse. I was in the arctic last year and it held up very well. If the pic doesn’t go through, just visualize a MR nice frame and a TT malice pack, the belt with molle has Cadpat pouches containing a Jetboil, 1L thermos, double mag pouch, and a small pouch for GPS, compass, and strobe.
        That’s it for now.
        Stay warm and have a good day!

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