2 thoughts on “Mystery Ranch order

  1. Did you not like the malice pack? I have a MR crew cab now, awesome rig. Just the foliage colour is more grey than I want it to be. I wanted the mountain ruck. Just had to go through a Canadian distributor at a huge markup, didn’t happen. I’m thinking now of the malice. It should fit on the nice frame. Thoughts?

    • Well the reason I didn’t like it was that the frame didn’t fit my back so it dug in in my neck and didn’t sit right on my hips.

      The NICE Frame is compatible with the MALICE/ALICE packs, here’s a video for you how to fit it. The one concern I had was the straps that you have to have across the whole pack to fix it to the frame. If they didn’t have to be there I’d just bought the NICE Frame.

      I couldn’t order directly from MR either and had to go through a “local” dealer. But it looks like MR has done their homework because the dealer was awesome and had a great customer service so I was very surprised how easy everything went from when MR rejected my order and pointed me in their direction.

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