Latest acquisitions

Delivery from Triple Aught Design (TAD Gear) today!

Praetorian Hoodie
Force 10 Cargo Pant – NYCO Ripstop Pant
Mountain T-Shirt
Battery Cases
TAD Topo Stickers

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3 thoughts on “Latest acquisitions

  1. Hello Andre,

    Can you make a comment on the sizing of the praetorian hoodie? I’ve read that it’s baggier and not as true to size as other garments and that one should go one size down. What size are you and what do you think about the sizing of the hoodie, would you say it’s true to size? Thanks for your answer.


    • Hi there!

      I’d say it’s kind of right on the money. I normally have size small t-shirts/jackets and this one fits me just fine in size small. As it’s a knitted design it flexes alot so if you’re smaller or even towards the medium size this will probably fit. My friend that’s bigger then I’m (around the waist area) could wear my size small but he said he’d go for a medium if he bought one himself.

      But yeah, you could probably go for a smaller size just because it’s a “flexifit”.

      I’m 178-180cm and weigh about 71kg.

      Here’s a pic:


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