Fujifilm X100 review

This is my small “review” of the Fujifilm X100 camera. I’m not gonna go over the general stuff like the leaf shutter the excellent picture quality on high ISO and so on.

12.3Mpix with a APS-C sensor

Shoots RAW/Jpeg

f=23mm, equivalent to 35mm on a 35mm camera

Aperture F2

Can shoot video

Full list of specifications can be found here!

First of, the reason I bought this and replaced, yes replaced, my Nikon D300 was because of the nice design and specifications of the Fujifilm X100. I’ve used this camera to shoot both street photos, high speed subjects and in a studio environment and it has preformed well. Lately I’ve even been using it for video stuff.

The camera itself is very sturdy and well built, not like those compacts that are out on the market. I would say that it feels as sturdy as my old Nikon D300 but it’s not waterproof and I don’t think it would like to be smashed in to a wall, something that the D300 probably would survive.

The downside with this camera seen from a DSLR perspective is that it takes some time for it to start from off -> on and even from sleep mode… Aaand you can’t change the lens. There is however a wide angel adapter for the camera if you want a fisheye feel of your shots. Compared to a compact camera the X100 is everything that they are not. Period 🙂

There have been some videos on YouTube where people have had issues with autofocus on the camera but I haven’t had those issues with mine or it could be because I’m using the features of the camera more than just a POS. I never use the screen to shoot with, always the Hybrid Viewfinder (which is awesome!) and I know when to use the macro mode and not. But the autofocus isn’t the fastest in the world but you can tweak that if you need faster autofocus, just watch this video how to do it.

Accessories, just with like “every other” camera on the market there are tons of stuff that you can buy for it. Starting of with simple and yet very good things like a soft release to the standard stuff like UV-filters and lens hoods. One downside is that you have to buy a lens adapter before you can attach filters and lens hoods. There are of course Fujifilms somewhat expensive lens adapter/lens hood or you can buy a third party item, just use eBay and search for X100 lens hood. Lens hoods for the X100 often comes bundled with the lens adapter. Be careful when you buy a filter for this camera not to pick a slim filter because that will not work when the camera is in macro mode. The lens will hit the filter and make the camera stall and shut down.

Studio environment, is this a substitute for a DSLR? Well to be honest, no. You can still use it with studio gear and all you need is a remote flash controller, you can buy basically anyone that doesn’t need a cable to connect with the camera. One nice thing though is that you can sync the flashes a lot higher than you can with a DSLR because of the leaf shutter. Standard DSLR will get to about 1/250 but with the X100 you can go to about 1/1000 which is really fast! You can read more about this here!

Video capabilities, well, it shoots video – in high quality, if it’s held still, preferably mounted on a tripod or similar. The sound quality is good but with many of the medium size cameras   the problem comes when it autofocuses. You can clearly hear the autofocus working if it’s a quiet in the background. With the X100 it sounds similar to when a arm watches hand moves every second. It gets annoying even if it isn’t loud in any way. But it’s not like with the Nikon Coolpix L110 when it sound like the whole lens is gonna fall apart at any moment when it focuses.

Here’s a video shot at noon a really sunny day. No after effects or changes to the video is made. It’s filmed on free hand. At the end of the video you can see when it gets cloudy how it copes with that. Make sure you watch it in HD, 720p.

Conclusion. All in all this is a great camera and I don’t regret buying it and replacing my D300 with it. I do sometimes miss my D300 when I’m shooting in a studio and the possibility in that moment so switch lenses and hold a bigger camera for more control and comfort. In a street photo environment this camera is awesome. And when you’re traveling it won’t take up that much space as a DSLR and you still have a lot better camera than your standard POS. And most of all it looks retro and cool!

This is my X100 with a SAH-X100F1 lens hood, Hoya UV HMC 49mm filter and a Holga camera strap.


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