Haglöfs Jaunt GTX Review

I bought a pair of Haglöfs Jaunt GTX in the color cedar green in 2010 Februari and I thought I’d do a short review on them.

Classically designed all-round boot intended for shorter hikes with light to medium weight packing. A perfect choice for the individual who wants a boot for everyday use as well.

1.6 to 1.8 mm water-repellent nubuck and suede leather, Gore-Tex Performance comfort, SOLE anatomic custom shape, Hypergrip DH-200

Moulded PU midsole with EVA insert for low weight combined with good shock absorption
Rubber reinforced toe for good protection
Lace locking system for easy individual lacing
Polygiene anti-odor treated footbed

The first mistake I made was probably to buy a boot that didn’t fit my purpose entirely, light/medium weight pack. I do that too but often with a heavy pack. The times I’ve been using a these with a heavy pack on they’ve been a little too soft and I haven’t always gotten the support for my feet that I’ve needed. My feet have never hurt though even with a heavy pack.

The boot itself fitted my feet perfectly and they’ve been very comfortable and with that said if you look at the price tag you can’t go wrong with these! And they’re pretty light weight.

The thing that I’m a lot disappointed at is that they didn’t survive longer than 2 years! My main use has been short hikes and some longer hikes (full weekends with small/medium pack) and though I can’t say how many miles I’ve covered in these but I figure they should have lasted a lot longer then they did. But again, it’s a cheap boot – but still a Haglöfs! Before I bought them I had a pair of Magnum Stealth that I had for about 5-6 years with minimum to none maintenance and they were even cheaper (leather boot).

The boot started to give away squeaky sounds only after a years use. Everytime I put down my feet they’d go “squeak” like rubber going against rubber and it was really annoying. I was in contact with both Haglöfs and the retailer and they didn’t know what to do with it but they offered me to send them in for a warranty check. I never did this because I use them to often and this is my only pair – they didn’t know if it would take 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months getting them repaired…

Last Saturday when we were out in the woods the boot broke down permanently. A part of the front rubber thingies came loose resulting in snow and water getting in between the soles and me freezing my feet off… Generally when wearing these boots in the winter time they’ve been good to me but I would most def buy a winter inner-sole for them as they tend to get cold pretty fast.

The one thing that bothered me the most was how fast the “reinforced” rubber on the toe broke down and came off… I mean I haven’t been crawling around that much or walking in rocky terrain (see photos).

Overall these boots have served me well but I had hoped for a longer lasting than only two years. I would probably recommend these to someone who just wants a cheap boot with Gore-Tex and doesn’t go on longer hikes.

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