Fujifilm X100

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This is my new camera to be, Fujifilm Finepix X100!

I think it’ll suit my needs really well as I’m mostly taking portrait pictures in my studio and I like street photography. I hope to get the chance to use it on an event like the pictures shown in my photo page, might not work as well as with my Sigma 17-70 lens as the wide angle is a good thing when shooting in crowded places, but, adapt and overcome, right?

As it’s a 35mm lense (23mm actually in a full size format camera) it’ll work nicely for landscape photography also.

Check out these two links, the first one a X100 Flicker album and the second one is Steve Huff’s photo blog. He takes some really nice photos both with the X100 but also with his camera of choice, the Leica M9 🙂


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