Tiguan 2012 2.0 TDI – got it this Wednesday!

The car is finaly here and I love it!

The new Tiguan is now more like the Touareg and has a bunch of new features including the most important parts, much better soundproofing and less plastic inside the car! Feels much more exclusive now than the 2011 version.

I’m also glad I ordered it when I did because now there’s like a years waiting time if you’re getting one with automatic transmission and six months if you get the manual.

I’ve just driven about 200km yet but the comfort when driving it is great. I also love the RCD 510 stereo with touch display and rear camera. One thing that I haven’t figured out is how I get the Bluetooth music working, well, it works but I can’t get it to show what song I’m listening to with my iPhone 4.

Bluemotion works like a charm too! First time it scared the shit out off me at a red light when the engine “died” but as soon as I pressed down the clutch it started instantly.


Get yourself a Tiguan 2012 and you won’t get disappointed!


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