Small review of the Echo Niner Camera Strap

So… I bought a Echo Niner camera strap in July and it took forever to get the damn thing… I had to e-mail them twice with no reply and then I went via PayPal and then it took two days and I had an answer to one of my first e-mails I sent them…

Well, when I got it I was supprissed with the nice design and the rubberised material on the inside of the sling. It makes the sling very comfortable as it gives extra padding and it keeps it from slipping on your shoulder.

Another thing that I like is the fact that you can quick release the sling and use it as a hand strap. I use it like that when I’m in the car and don’t want the sling flapping around, getting stuck on the hand break and when you’re just walking around and don’t need that extra security.

One thing that I’d like to see though is a retaining band on the sling adjustment strap. This one is flapping around and making weird sounds and slamming agains other equipment and your hands/arms. It’s really annoying and I also don’t want to tie it down as you use it when you go from a shoulder strap to a hand strap.

Besides of the first thing with the delivery time and the lack of response I’d recommend this to anyone who need a versatile camera strap that’s light and sturdy.

You’ll find the first post here and some info about the strap itself. (Click me!)

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