5.11 Packable Jacket – field tested

Did take my bike to town today again when we should buy some rattan furniture to our patio – did find one that we liked and bought, unboxing right now 🙂

BUT! When I was going home it started to rain so I got my 5.11 packable jacket out of my bag and put it on. At first it was really nice and dry, also kept the wind out and I stayed warm and cozy 🙂 Then the rain got heavier and the jacket was really put to its limits and it failed, big time! When I got home I was soaking wet from top to toe. The 5.11 packable jacket is nice for windy condition and a little rain but more than that it will fail on you. But hey, it cost only about 20 USD so what can you really expect out of a jacket for that money. The jacket itself besides all this with the rain – has got some really nice quality to it, so don’t think otherwise, 5.11 knows their stuff!

My 5.11 tactical pants were actually dry for quite some time, longer than I expected. On the back of my leg they were really nice and dry 😉

My Camelbak HAWG was only wet on the exterior but inside it was nice and dry and kept my wallet, smashed iPhone and some other stuff safe from the heavy rain.

One thought on “5.11 Packable Jacket – field tested

  1. Huge fail I see. My Patagonia Torrentshell hasn’t failed me yet. Haven’t been out in super rainy weather yet but it was raining a lot it kept me dry the hole way. So a big plus on the Torrentshell and a big minus on the 5.11 jacket then 🙂

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